For a lot of people, walking around vapor lounges, trying lots of brands and flavors is an enjoyable way to spend Saturday afternoon or wrap up a day of work. They turn this into socializing opportunity while discovering new tastes and labels. These consumers don’t mind paying full price and they feel at home in these establishments.

But many e cig consumers live too far from e juice lounges, resent the price of top quality e juice, or feel uncomfortable in such places. Not all lounges are as welcoming as every other. This latter group might do their taste testing by signing up for a monthly e juice delivery.

Zamplebox.comZamplebox Review

One such service is offered by Zamplebox from Redmond, Washington. They did it first, and several other companies have followed their lead. By the look of things, Zamplebox started something the vaping populace wanted badly if their 25,500-plus likes are anything to go by.

Juicy Choices

Zamplebox currently carries e juices by Victory Liquid, Lick, Alpha Vape, Days Vape, and many more. The selection changes regularly as partners drop out of the program or sign up to provide their products.

Many of these juices are in the 50/50 or 60/40 range (vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol) but some are high-VG and there will be more of those coming soon. High ratios of vegetable glycerin are ideal for dripping and many Zamplebox customers drip onto RDAs.

Subscribe to Zamplebox: Your Next Steps

For now, Zamplebox offers two subscription products: a small and a large box. The small box contains 6 bottles containing an average of 15 ml each and a minimum of 60 ml. You could receive as much as 100 ml if some bottles are large that month. A bigger package consists of 11 bottles and a minimum total of 120 ml, or up to 180 ml if you’re lucky. Package #1 costs $24.99. Pay $44.99 for the second one.

Do you receive any old e juice? Is the selection process completely random? It could have been and a lot of vapers would have enjoyed the anticipation.

Like a wine club, however, Zamplebox suggests a few ways to narrow down choices. Let them know if you like tobacco or menthol liquids. Tell them if you like them both or neither. Give them a nicotine value to work with.

Also, they want to know your experience level. New vapers use low-cost clearomizers containing atomizers that function best with balanced e juice: viscous, high-VG juice would clog their atomizers.

Zamplebox brandsToo Much Choice?

Is this leaving the possibilities open a little too much? A lot of customers would say so. Every style of subscription yields surprises because you aren’t ordering a brand or a flavor.

A lot of consumers, however, have cupboards growing cluttered with juices they tried once and didn’t like. When they can give a flavor away, sell it, or swap for surprises their friends received, all is well. So often, 15 ml or more gets poured down the drain monthly.

But users frequently take a 3-month subscription; just long enough to discover two or three new types of e juice they find exciting.

Juice Left Out

With several subscription services now operating, a lot of companies will supply juice exclusively to one or another. Still other excellent juice won’t be on any lists. No monthly e juice program is perfect.

Customers could be looking for a juice that remains elusive, and that means they will have to either subscribe to other programs down the road or buy individual bottles from vendors not listed by these companies. None of these programs is perfect; they just give indecisive vapers a place to start.

A Vaping Society

You read it many times on their website: Zamplebox is a family. When you sign up, you join that family. It’s also a business, and the people behind it have to make a living, but their website features its own type of social media; a place where customers connect with the business and each other. They take this to Facebook which is a highly active spot.

The founder, Tony, began his company as a way to make it so high-quality juice was affordable. He hated having to pay $0.80 per milliliter of juice and knew if he hated it, so did thousands of other Americans (and vapers around the world who also sign up for his service). He has definitely connected with a lot of individuals at the economic level, but more than that — his business has grown to become the flagship of its kind.

Improving the Service

Rumor has it that Tony is going to shake things up so customers can narrow down the range of juices they might receive. A few other companies let their customers pick from more categories (candy, drinks, desserts, fruit, etc.). This is what Zamplebox will be doing in the future; or at least, they will have to if the company is to compete with other firms doing just that.

More Products

Zamplebox carries more than e juice: they have their own branded line of hardware, just a few items. These include a box mod called the DNA30 which you have seen elsewhere. Their other e cig devices and accessories bear the green and white of Zamplebox advertising. A menu of accessories also includes a couple of big bottles of e liquid too large to wind up in a sample box. As a member, you will have access to a wider range of products.

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