Smoke 51

The following review is going to sound a lot like my previous reviews of the Smoke 51 line: a brand owned by Vapor Corp of Miami, Florida. It is ironic and sad that this same corporation which owns the affordable Krave E Cig brand is also responsible for what looks like a rip-off, and they haven’t taken heed of updated pricing offered by competitors.

Smoke 51 is outdated, their prices have failed to reflect changing pricing policies in the industry as a whole, and there is nothing special about them to explain why I should pay so much money for their products.

Smoke 51Smoke 51 Revew

Let’s start by looking at the design of their packaging. Nothing has changed here in a long time and I think it should have.

Smoke 51 promotes the boardroom style; black and gold, sometimes gold and blue, with the exception of their “Inked” line.

It’s dark and dull where so many others are light, modern and vibrant. Maybe companies like Atlantic and White Cloud have spoiled me.

Disposable E Cigars from Smoke 51

This is the single item on their list of disposables: an e cigar priced $29.95.

Smoke 51 e cigar

In this first category, they are following a well-worn path; I’m not surprised or alarmed since Cigavette sells an e cigar for the same amount of money and they are not the only ones.

Trio and Duo Kits

Smoke 51 still carries three-part e cigs, and also two-part e cigs: customers select both the model and the price.

If you order a Trio kit, it will cost you more, and it’s already mind-bogglingly high.

smoke 51 trio kit

I wonder if there are still people in North America who think that $69.98 for a single battery package with 3 refills, an atomizer, and one USB charger is the going rate. Smoke 51 (or Vapor Corp) must think so.

What do they mean by a “peggable” kit?

From the description of this starter set, this seems to refer to their packaging which is a place to store all e cig-related items. Are they using the word “peg” as a verb meaning “to locate” or “to organize?” Anyway, the Trio Peggable Starter Kit costs $79.95 with 15 refills, a reusable atomizer, one battery, a wall adapter, and a power cable.

Trio peggable starter kit

Trio Peggable Starter Kit

Express kits (1-2-1 kits as I call them) contain 1 battery, 2 refills, and a USB charger, except that Trio kits ($10 more) contain an atomizer also. They cost $89.95 or $99.95 and are available in multiple colors. The colored Trio kit costs $99.95 with 6 refills, chargers, an atomizer, battery, and a Smoke 51 membership card. If that gets you a 75% discount, all might be forgiven.

There are several other kits, including the attractively organized Deluxe for $189.95. I’m not saying the price is pretty, just the way Smoke 51 packs their presentation box. In this sense, they do a lovely job. It’s like opening treasure with a price to match, but once you’re faced with the contents, it will be a let down.

You only receive 20 refills, 2 batteries, chargers, a car charger, and an atomizer, where applicable. The only kit that costs more is a Vapor Couture Maximale for over $200. But that one includes a clutch, necklace, PCC/mirrored case, and lots more stuff besides.

Trio Inked Kits are designed to resemble tattoos of tigers, Koi carp, etc, and cost $129.95. Their boxes are lovely but that is the single redeeming feature when price is taken into consideration, and how could one overlook it knowing what we now know about the price of an average 2-battery starter kit? These should cost around $50 to $60 at most, possibly $30 to $40.


These come in two formats, of course, each one costing $14.95 for 5. I was stunned these were not priced $44.95. Although $14.95 is high, lots of competitors are also similarly priced in this regard. Duo cartomizers contain 0, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 mg of nicotine with tobacco or menthol (the two flavors sold in starter sets) plus cappuccino, cherry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Trio cartomizers come in 0, 10, 15, or 20 mg strengths and similar flavors, except replace cappuccino with coffee and add apple. Smoke 51 carries no blanks, clearomizers, or liquids.

Replace Batteries and Chargers

Seriously, sit down before you read this next bit. I am finding it hard to believe what I saw on the website. Is it possible any American citizen will be conned into paying $49.95 or $59.95 for one battery or $20 for a single charger? Would you pay $19.95 for two atomizer heads?

If they were made of solid gold, I might be interested. But these are standard atomizer heads for mini cigs. I urge everyone who is reading this review or contemplating a trip to Smoke 51 not to get it in their heads that if a company is allowed to operate and the internet doesn’t ban them their prices must be fair and there is probably an excellent reason for their greed.

Better Choices

If it weren’t for the fact that Vapor Corp owns Krave I would say try them. But since pricing at Smoke 51 makes me so queasy, I’ll suggest others. Vaporfi, Halo, and Green Smoke are all great brands. Try them first. No discount or coupon code will make up for the markup here.

If you are just getting started, thinking about trying an electronic cigarette, here are my 3 favorite starter sets from 3 great brands: