ReHab Vapors

It’s hard to know which juice company to start with when such a lot of them make great flavors, or great-sounding flavors. Choice is overwhelming. If you belong to a subscription program by Vapor Box or ZampleBox, this gives you a way of trying tons of bottles without having to make a lot of choices.

But to take control of the experimentation process, you need to embrace those choices. ReHab Vapors presents 8 flavors with one more on the way, and they also do something rare in this business, at least as far as we know: they give back to the community.

Giving to Detox

I have not heard an explanation of the name ReHab but can imagine it stems from a connection between vaping and smokers trying to quit. Vaping could be seen as a form of rehab.

Either that or there must be some personal reason for making this generous decision because there are many charities one could donate to. Another connection between ReHab and detox is the company’s pledge to donate 10% of profits to detox and recovery centers (I think in their region of California).

Rehab VaporsReHab Vapors Review

For $12, you receive 15 ml of e juice, or pay $20 for 30 ml. The bottles appear to be plastic. Juices come in zero-nicotine strength and up to 1.8%.

Their eight flavors are Zebra, Roll, Juicey Vapeur, Bonobo, Whiskey Tango, Donkey, CMLeon, G12, with Solution coming out soon (a type of tobacco, their first). Each label is chosen according to the flavor rather than a logo or color scheme.

The Flavors: Animal Instinct

Someone at ReHab is an animal lover judging by the many flavors named for four-legged creatures.

Zebra tastes like striped fruit gum and is good for dripping. Try Juicy Vapeur and taste the flavors of pineapple, peach, and cinnamon. One site referred to this as a banana/apple vape, but the pineapple/peach/cinnamon description comes directly from one of ReHab’s co-owners.

Bonobo blends banana crème with dark chocolate and a touch of eggnog. There isn’t any whiskey in Whiskey Tango, but lots of tang: grapefruit and blood orange. Strangely, Whiskey Tango is not a tank cracker.

Try Donkey to experience a tropical sort of punch like the powdered style drink you enjoyed as a kid. Cucumber, mint, and lime become a refreshing CMLeon. Last is G12: guava, raspberry, and strawberry.

The Best Part: Research

All of these flavors came from a year of solid research beginning in 2012 where co-founders went into the regular world to find out what flavors were being combined, perhaps in foods and drinks. As they searched, they brought ideas back to their mixing station (nothing is mentioned about what kind of station this is, such as a lab or a kitchen counter).

The results have been electrifying, leading to blends the e cig world hasn’t seen before. A member of ReHab’s team is especially lucky to be related to a flavor chemist.

Where Will You Find ReHab?

This excellent juice, which is getting rave reviews, can be found online and at a few brick-and-mortar shops. They also run a highly active Facebook page but no website of their own. You will find them at vape shows too.

Visit them on Facebook to take part in contests and to find out what’s happening next. They already have close to 6,000 “likes” and only started selling their liquids in June of 2013.