Mig Cigs

New vapers: cover your eyes. Come to Mig Cigs with a guide dog or a vaping compatriot, at least. This website is too much for you to handle on your own.

Mig Cigs has packaged up so many starter kits at multiple levels, plus e liquid and cartomizers that you will feel like you were hit by a truck just trying to figure it all out.

In some ways that’s good: you get choices. In some ways, there is too much choice.

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Try the Super Saver, Economy, or Standard package: the first three e cig kits on the chart. Interspersed between these listings are little details about the brand which you might at first imagine are products.

What are they trying to tell you?

Mig Cigs has an app and all of their batteries are rated 4.2 volts: that’s all. These are good details, but they belong somewhere else. Their internet pages are too crowded with information — a dizzying amount.

Kits by Mig Cigs

The Super Saver for $29.95 comes with a 110-mm battery, 5 cartomizers, and a USB. You can choose from 4 colors and automatic or manual batteries. This is a great-value starter kit. Pay $46.65 for 2 of those batteries in a similar kit, or $59.95 to add 5 cartomizers, a power cig, and lanyard.

The Supreme Kit for $129.95 is a bit excessive: 4 batteries, 20 cartomizers, and everything else listed above. A charging kit and car adapter are part of the deal.

The best value here is probably their $46.65 Economy package or perhaps the next level up (Standard Plus). As long as you have two batteries in a 110-mm kit, you won’t be constantly frustrated by the brevity of your battery’s charge.

Bigger Batteries

This is similar to the kit above but it uses just 140-mm batteries: a larger size included in the Supreme Kit. The Mig 21 also contains a fusion tank. Try the SR72 Aspire for 1300 mAh of power (2 batteries) and 2 Bottom Dual Coil clearomizers for $99.95.

Herbal Vaporizers

Mig Cigs joins the ranks of other e cig companies on the fringes, not quite able to break into the top ten, by adding their version of the standard one-button herbal vaporizer to a growing collection. Like cigalikes and eGos, this one follows a formula you have seen in the Falcon, Orbit, and the Lux.

The Torpedo for $99.95 has a 2200-mAh rechargeable battery, 1.7-ml herb chamber, and 3 temperature settings. Press the mouthpiece to open it and fill the chamber with ground herbs. Press the starting button 5 times to turn it on, then hold it to reach a temperature: 320F, 380F, or 420F.

One LED light below the firing button turns red, green, or blue to correspond with a temperature. It’s easy to fill, to clean, and to operate. Watch a little video on the Mig Cig site to learn how. This is one of the simplest little devices to learn how to use if you are switching from cigarettes to loose leaf vaping and at a competitive price. But you have to know: the Torpedo is one of many such cookie-cutter products. It’s not unique.

Accessories: a Mixed Selection

Mig Cigs sells Kanger UFO tanks, coils, and tubes. They have Aspire accessories and 808D tanks for 280 mAh, 380 mAh, and Mig 21 batteries. Cigalike batteries cost a dreadful $19.95 or $22.95. You should pay about half that much for 3- to 5-hour batteries.

Juice for E Cigs

E Liquid is priced just $15.95 for 30 ml of 50/50 juice like Red Zeppelin tobacco (Virginia style), Vanilla, Cherry Zinger (tobacco), and others. There are 4 strengths from 0.6% to 2.4%. MigQuid organic e juice, priced $16.95 for 30 ml, is made in the USA. Flavors include Tropic Storm and Half-Baked (cookie and sweet bread).

Cartomizer Refills

And they haven’t left out the users of cigalikes. After supplies in a starter kit run out, how much will you pay to refill cartomizers? The good news is that Mig Cigs beats most of the competition in this department with a fee of $9.95 for a 5-pack. This is comparable with V2 Cigs ($10.33), better than Green Smoke ($12.99), and the price comes down as you order more of a product. For instance, buy 80 cartridges and each one is priced $7.50.

If you are considering V2, and have saving money in mind, I have some promo codes here to save you money on your purchase

Do you think that sounds like an awful lot of e cig cartos to get through? Realistically, even light smokers use 2 a day. Heavy smokers can finish an entire pack of cartos daily. As you can see, 80 cartomizers might not last out the month.

Try flavors like Blueberry Hookah, Red Zeppelin, Green Tea, Colombian Coffee, Grape, and Menthol. All US orders are shipped free after you spend $75 or more — another reason to buy extra cartridges in a single order.

Mig Cigs Rated

I don’t know: there seems something so familiar about Mig Cigs; as though they have copied a format done more professionally somewhere. I want to support the little guy, though, so maybe if they addressed the little matter of their website I’d be more inclined to do so. Product-wise there are some excellent prices here. Only their organic liquid is truly different, but that’s a start.