Max Vape Review

Trying to investigate a small, virtually anonymous company is a frustrating endeavor. Customers have to search through forums and sometimes shady Youtube videos peppered with bad language.

Max Vape made it very difficult to find out anything about them. Is that because they just launched the brand or because they are not making their mark? At least consider the possibilities found here.

maxvape1.comMax Vape

Fuzion Global brings you Minnesota’s Max Vape, a line of US-made products blended from US-made, USP ingredients. These juices are sealed in glass bottles with droppers so the contents remain neutral and dripping is easy.

I did not check every juice to find out for sure but it seems they only provide 18 mg strength which is average for smokers. A 15-ml bottle costs $8.99. 30-ml bottles are available, but for what price I clearly have no idea. The site wasn’t very helpful.


Consider the basic choices offered by Max Vape. Chocolate, tobacco, clove, coconut, and raspberry provide examples of what I mean. They do not blend and finesse juices to create unusual combinations and culinary works of at Max Vape. You don’t even have a way of finding out if the chocolate is milk or dark or if tobacco is nutty, sweet, or dry.

The most complicated options presented here are Hypnotic, Fruit Punch, and Ice Cream: flavors like those. Again, Max Vape does not go so far as to explain what fruits are in the punch, the style of ice cream they included in the blend, or what Hypnotic is supposed to taste like. They make a lot of flavors, but 15-ml bottles for $8.99 are not cheap enough or small enough to purchase for home blending. Prices are perfectly fine for use as-is.


Max Vape doesn’t stop at offering non-descript e juices. They also carry some hardware and accessories. Pick up a neck rope for $3.99 (sold in several colors). Actually, the name calls to mind a noose, not a lanyard or e cig necklace, but the price is good.

Their Max Vapour Starter Kit costs $24.99: it’s just a standard eGo starter but with 3 battery levels: huh? I’ve never seen that before and wonder if they mean the battery provides a variable voltage knob or something like that. Again, a little bit more information here could have been a big help.

Locations of Max Vape

Apparently, I can use a map featured on their website to find locations for buying Max Vape products in person. By just typing in a city, this should lead me to a vendor. If anyone sells their juices or hardware, they are not located in the Minneapolis area.

Either that or their interactive map isn’t working. I think I prefer a list of vendors, but maybe that’s coming. Added to a frustrating absence of detail, this section of the site confirms my suspicions that Max Vape is taking its first tentative steps. Maybe we should just watch closely from the sidelines for a little while.