Liberty Vapor

Liberty Vapor of Phoenixville PA takes its name from the Liberty Bell and puts a drawing of Ben Franklin on their Facebook Page. Those heroes who wrote and signed the US Constitution were bringing freedom from English rule and taxation to the new American Republic. But e cig companies help smokers win liberty from cigarettes, so they are heroes too.

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Their catalogue is divided between easy vaping, intermediate devices, and high-level products for experienced modders. If pressing a button is already hard enough, all you want is an eGo. If you can’t wait to be able to change springs and buttons, mechanical mods will supply all the pleasure and complexity you want.

The Early Days

A number of popular brands are sold by Liberty Vapor like an Elego Twist and Innokin 510 style e cig. The 510 is slim and short like a real cigarette. Vapers see them around sometimes, but not as commonly as Vision or Kanger batteries and starter kits. At least their prices are decent, but hop over 510s in favor of eGo batteries.

APVs: Another Level

Next up are the devices with variable voltage and a bit more style such as the Cool Fire II by Innokin for $74.99 and an iTaste SVD which costs $79.99. The Lifestyle Mod by APV is $125. I don’t know who APV is and would recommend you stick with the better-known Innokin brand. Their devices have earned an impressive level of popularity and their selection is excellent. Innokin’s iClear 16 clearomizer goes for $5.99. Kanger Mini Protanks are also sold here. Pricing is favorable at Liberty Vapor Smoke.

Atomizers for Electronics and Mechanical Mods

When you are ready to advance, start small and hem in your desire to buy $60 atomizers. Start with an IGO-W6 or W4. These are easy to use, efficient, and affordable. Select a Mega RDA by HCigar only when you feel confident about rebuilding the coil on your device. At $24.99, this is a great price, thanks to the fact that HCigar makes excellent clones of high-priced RDAs and RBAs. Silica wick and other parts will keep your atomizer supplied straight from the Liberty Vapor Smoke website.


Rebuildable atomizers are excellent for mods. Again, Liberty Vapor Smoke sticks with low-priced clones by HCigar, such as two sizes of DNA 30 for $110 and $120 respectively. Since they can vape at sub-ohms, you need a rebuildable tank so it is possible to wrap the coil according to the resistance you want.

Another mod on their list is the HCigar Copper Nemesis ($64.99) while the 26650 RYU with a slant cap by Ninja Mods is the real deal at $240.


E Liquid costs $11.99 for 15 ml with flavors like Trixx (milky breakfast cereal), Icicle, RonY4, and Banana Milkshake to whet your whistle.