CRFT E-Juice

The art of making delectable e-juice and also creating a unique product certainly is a craft, not simply a job. Compare the work of artisan vape juice makers with that of vintners. Fine wine is not made by measuring pre-mixed packages of grape juice with a wine starter, water, and some sugar. There is a process which requires time, skill, and finesse, just as there is when a team like the people at CRFT E-Jjuice blends their 4 flavors.

CRFT E-JuiceCRFT E-Juice Review

So far that is all I can see: 4 flavors of e-juice in dark plastic bottles. They are dark because light affects the quality of nicotine and other ingredients in e-liquid so the darkness blocks some rays, although storing bottles in a dark, cool area is still best. Glass bottles would be better since glass is neutral (it will not affect the flavor of e juice, but plastic sometimes does).

I’m not sure if this company has rectified the problem with their caps yet: they look much like the little caps you find on miniature bottles of bubble bath and are not childproof. Perhaps, as a result of comments by vapers, CRFT has done something about that in response to rising numbers of reports to Poison Control regarding nicotine poisoning among children connected to poorly-secured e liquid.

Flavors at CRFT

The four flavors mentioned above are Strawberry Blond, Gravel Pit, Trail Mix, and Lime Cola. Two of the four are self-explanatory: Trail Mix was designed to taste like a bag of dried fruit and nuts. Lime Cola is just that. Bottles of all four juices from Vapor DNA of California cost $22 for 30 ml with nicotine choices of 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg per volume.

Strawberry Blond

This flavor could be the company’s bestseller and consumers’ favorite, but with time the favorite might shift. Right now, vapers are enjoying strawberry custard and cake, noticing different ratios of each flavor. Steeping is certainly a factor in their varied experiences.

A few people comment on authenticity in the fruit while others notice candy. Cake falls away for certain reviewers, but strawberry is generally dominant no matter who is commenting. Vanilla is subtly present. No matter what people say or write, they recommend Strawberry Blond.

Trail Mix

Most of the time the impression expressed by customers is one of surprise. How did CRFT stuff so many distinct flavors and such complex ones (dried cranberries, raisins, and nuts) into a bottle? They can’t believe it and are often blown away by this flavor. At least one customer thought she tasted caramel and tobacco.

Gravel Pit

This one hasn’t had the publicity of Trail Mix and Strawberry Blond, but customers love the mixture of peach and guava.

Lime Cola

Vapers call Lime Cola “refreshing,” but it is similar to a gummy cola. Whether it’s like real cola or a candy, consumers aren’t complaining about Lime Cola.


CRFT products are unique, which comes as a surprise: it seems not every mixture has been tried yet by vapeologists, even when consumers wonder how many more original and tasty ideas can be left to try. Other peach styles use strawberry, cream, or citrus to pair with this summer fruit. Only Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali Vapors contains guava. For a nut vape, one generally encounters peanut butter or a nutty tobacco.

Abbott Road by Yeti Vape and Passion by Obsession are two more strawberry custard vapes, but they aren’t exactly the same. Where is the cake in those ones? They don’t have it.

Cola is usually blended with cherry or vanilla. There are a few Rum and Cola choices too. I’m pretty sure there is a lime/cola mixture on the market somewhere, but it’s not typical. If you’ve become bored with e juice, CRFT offers up 4 atypical additions.