By Rebecca Diaz

Let’s face it, technology is all around us. It changes every single day.  If you don’t stay on top of it, technology can get the best of you.

The technology behind electronic cigarette batteries is simply incredible.  We’re so awestruck by the latest devices that it’s hard to keep up with everything going on in this crazy market!

We’re sharing our experiences with all the great technology we come across in the e-cig sector.

Please use our reviews to help you when you buy products online.  For example, many people have already come across our Halo Electronic cigarette review and found it to be a product that worked to help them quit smoking.

Another brand that has been impressive is V2 Cigs.  Be sure to check out what makes V2 Cigs so special.  

In the upcoming weeks, we will have many more technology product reviews.

Just posted reviews:

E Cig Companies And Manufacturers

V2 Cigs, Eonsmoke, and Vaporfi are all brands of e cigs. JoyeTech, Kanger, and SmokTech produce e cigs too. What is the one big difference between these brands? Group one consists of American brands whose batteries and cartomizers are manufactured in China. The other group consists of Chinese brands.

Why Are So Many E Cigs Produced in China?

Whether you are talking about electric tea kettles, cell phones, or computers, almost everything costs less if it is made in China and shipped around the world. The irony is that even though China is thousands of miles away, it’s still more expensive to produce goods in the United States.

It’s terrible for the American economy on the one hand, but in reality, if e cigs were produced in the United States the industry would not be as affordable as it is today. Disposable cigalikes would cost $20 each. A simple USB charger would routinely be sold for $25. Thanks to Chinese manufacturers, disposables sell for $3 to $10. USB chargers cost around $5.

Creation and Production

There are e cigs produced in China but designed in the U.S. There are also generic devices that companies order in their thousands with brand labels on them. All that separates these items from each other is a name.

Because of this, such products are frequently low-quality. Batteries arrive at your door without power. Clearomizers leak. The manufacturer’s reputation doesn’t take a beating because his name isn’t at stake, but the retailer gets bombarded with thousands of complaints and loses business.

Top quality Chinese brands that are designed and produced in Shenzen, however, have a name to consider; a reputation to protect. Chinese brands such as Innokin, Kanger, and SmokTech are well known for their top notch products at different levels of vaping. The JoyeTech eVic is unique. The Innokin iTaste Cool Fire is also an unusual device. An Innokin iTaste MVP features on numerous retail e cig websites because retailers know it works; companies can trust it and recommend the MVP to advanced e cig customers.

Buying Knock-offs

But there are a lot of clones out there as well. They are versions of the Kanger Evod or the Innokin MVP which, though they look right, are not built to the same high standards inside. Some aspect of quality is lacking. If the description on a website does not say “Innokin” or “Kanger,” it would be unwise to assume this is just an oversight.

Announcing the Clones

A lot of mod clones, however, are proudly labeled as fakes and for good reason. They cost a lot less than the original but are still excellent products. Consumers are happy to buy clones of the Panzer or Chi You at a fraction of the price of these desirable limited edition mods as long as they know where they come from.

In cases like these, certain clones have their own upstanding reputations. Examples are HCigar and EHPro clones. If the price is too low for a serialized mod but a device is not labeled as a clone, your guard should go up.

Truly American

The Provari, TAC mods, Tatroe mods, Manhattan mechanical mods, and Vape Station devices are all made in the United States. They are joined by several others, but nothing like the huge variety of Pinoy devices. There are also a few Greek mechanical cigs and Chinese mods to choose from. Provari electronic cigarettes are customizable for consumers with some e cig experience. Vape Station and Vape Cube multi-user devices look like real gaming machinery (namely the Sony Play Station and a Game Cube).

Disadvantages of American-Made Products

The big problem with these items is that they are big, intimidating monsters which a new vaper is many months from understanding, whether or not he can afford it. After 6 months without the cost of cigarettes, he could save enough to buy a Vape Station or a Provari. But in those months he has to get used to vaping with eGos or cigalikes which are almost exclusively manufactured in China.

Finding inexpensive e liquid that was made in the USA from US ingredients is not a challenge. Discovering an e cig that was produced here is much more difficult. At best, mini cig companies manufacture products in facilities they oversee and have control over, so their designs are different from the others in some ways but these brands benefit from the lower costs of Chinese production.

Final Thoughts

Should you buy e cigs knowing that, at the production end, Americans gain no advantage? There are plenty of ways the US benefits such as from distribution, shipping, retail, and affiliate marketing. E liquid factories in the United States also reap the advantages of switching over.

If you are really concerned about this manufacturing reality and what it means for the ability to monitor and regulate products used in America, let companies know this, but be realistic. The cost of vaping will skyrocket if production comes to American shores.